The Mission of Dearborn County Citizens Against Substance Abuse is to provide an organization through which the community can support, plan, and implement efforts to address the problems of substance abuse and dependency in Dearborn County. The healthy development of our citizens is being threatened by the problems and challenges of ATOD use in today's culture. It is our mission to promote healthy lifestyle patterns among Dearborn County residents and to make a positive difference in the area of ATOD issues.  *(ATOD= Alcohol, Tobacco & other drugs)

Problems Being Addressed By C.A.S.A

Alcohol creates a myriad of problems for youth.

Community norms support casual and accepting attitudes toward the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Both youth and adults continue to abuse prescription, heroin and over the counter drugs. 

Lack of community awareness and understand of the impact of substance abuse and addiction on individuals and the quality of life in Dearborn County.