​​Dearborn County Community advocating for substance-abuse awareness (CASA) awards 3 $500 scholarships to one graduating student from each of our high schools. Students must write an essay of 750-1,000 words on substance abuse. 

The essay can be a general overview of substance abuse in the country, county, etc. It can also be personal based on what a student has seen or experienced in their own lives. Substance abuse can be on any of the ATOD issues (Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.) 

All essays must include the application page signed by both the student and a guidance counselor at their school. Students must have a C or above grade point average and no suspensions or expulsions due to substance use. They must be enrolled in a college or technical school as well.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR TRANSCRIPTS. They are not necessary for this process.

Scholarship application is due the first Monday of April and must be postmarked before that date.

The scholarships are given to the scholarship committee with assigned numbers -all names are removed. They use a scoring system and the ones with the highest score are awarded the money. Only then are the winning names announced and no one outside of the committee/Director have access to the grants.

The money is then awarded in May and it goes directly to the students - not the college.