During the month of October each year a tribe of the elusive Red Ribbon Squatch’s come to Dearborn County to prepare for the coming winter. They bring information and good intentions. Join us to track them and collect their wisdom. The tribe has 12 Squatch’s in it and they move all around the county for only 27 days. Here is how you can help!
1-Vist one of our tracking stations and pick up a track sheet or print one from our website dearborncountycasa.com 

2-Get your friends & family together & go Squatch’in!

3- When you find a Sasquatch approach with friendship!

4- Handwrite the Sasquatch number & Red Ribbon fact on your track sheet

5- Once your tracking sheet is full & you have all 12 facts-turn your sheet back into a tracking station for a chance to win a $250.00 fun pack! *Winner will be drawn from all tracking sheets received

6- Please note that some Sasquatch’s will give special prizes if you are the first to find them or they may give other quirky things. Sasquatch's are fun and mysterious so you never know!

7- Make sure to take photographic proof of you and the Sasquatch too because they won’t be back till the next October!
Tag us in your pics on Instagram @dcya_indana Twitter @DCYAinfo - Check them often as they will reveal clues to a Sasquatch sightings each day!

Main Library 150 Mary Street Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
Monday - Thursday: 9-8  Friday: 9-5   Saturday: 10-5

North Dearborn Branch    25969 Dole Road West Harrison, IN 47060
Monday - Thursday: 10-8     Friday: Closed       Saturday: 10-5

           RULES & SPECIAL NOTES          

  1. Trespassing will not be tolerated
  2. Vandalism will not be tolerated
  3. Prizes will not be divided up -this is between you and your search team
  4. -Respect private & public property-as well as mother earth
  5. Follow the Squatch Code

        -do what is right not what is popular

        -help those in need

        -don't gossip

         -don't judge

         -do not harm the Squatch

The Squatch is super mellow so don't be a jerk and Squatch wont think your a bummer!

423 Walnut St. Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Mon-Fri 7am-8pm Sat 9am-3pm

Special clues that you can only find in the paper will be printed each week!

303 Walnut St. Lawrenceburg, IN 47024

Monday-Friday 11-6         Saturday 11-4​​​​​​​​​​​

THank you to our 2017 Sponsors!

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Squatch Watch Begins on Oct 2nd 2017

Research Stations

These are places where you can drop off your tracking sheets for the prize drawing or pick one up if you need one

                                                                                   231 Walnut Street Lawrenceburg, IN 57025 Mon-Sat 11am-7pm Sun 12pm-5pm

404 Green Blvd. Aurora, IN 47001

Open 24 hours 7 days a week

1605 Flossie Drive Greendale, IN 47025

             Open 7 days a week